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South Indian Cuisine (Tamil) and Malaysian Cuisine

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country and its cuisine and cooking traditions derive their make-up from several diversities. Most of the country’s culinary style is an amalgamation of Malay, India, Chinese, and ethnic Bornean methods and styles. Over the years, Malaysian cuisine has developed a magical combination of flavors, making it one of the most diverse and complex cuisines in the world.

One of the most common ingredients in Malaysian cuisine is chilies. If you are someone who enjoys tangy, spicy food, then Malaysian dishes are for you. The cuisine is mostly made up of soups, rice, noodles, and meat dishes. Coconut milk, soy sauce, and spices are often used in gravies and curries. Sea food is also very commonly used in Malay dishes, especially shrimp, prawns, and several kinds of fish. For people who are not very familiar with Malay cuisine, the flavors can be slightly overwhelming at first. But over time, everyone learns to become a fan.

Tamil Nadu is a southern Indian state that hosts a deep belief that it is a service to humanity if you serve food to others. The state has a rich cuisine that specializes in several vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most of the dishes contain legumes, lentils, and rice. The Tamil Nadu cuisine is characterized by distinct flavors and aroma that come from a variety of Indian spices such as nutmeg, coriander, pepper, cardamom and so on.

In Tamil cuisine, lentils are extensively used in the form of curries and are consumed accompanied with rice or rotis. One of the most popular Tamil dishes is the Dosai, which is a fermented pancake made from rice batter. The Dosai is served in different kinds of dishes, served with spicy lentil stew or chutneys.

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